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Pinocchio Quinnie 576x262 jetzt
Original TitelHeartbound: A Different Kind of Love Story
Zutritt16 J
RegieJanus Metz, Sine Plambech
Produktion 2018 Dänemark
VerleihGlobal Science Film Festival

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939 Thai women live in the windswept Northern Jutland. 25 years ago, that number was close to zero, and included Sommai, a former sex worker from Pattaya. Sommai came to Denmark to marry Niels. Ever since, she has helped women from her village in Thailand marry lonely men from Northern Jutland. The two small communities in different parts of the world are now closely linked. Now, Sommai's niece, Kae, is on her way to Denmark. With Niels' help, Sommai places a personal ad in the local newspaper and soon, Kjeld comes forward as a suitor. The network of Thai/Danish married couples in Northern Jutland begin to teach Kae about Danish norms and prepare her for the meeting with Kjeld. So while Kae is settling in at Kjeld's 'little home' where the two strangers must try to overcome shyness and language difficulties, Saeng follows her female friend Lom to the city of Pattaya to sell sex to tourists. From here, Saeng must provide for her son and the family back home. Ten years later, we meet the women and their husbands from Northern Jutland again.